ONE - Der Konterfei LI - LXVIII Box Set

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Strong limited Set of 10 boxes contains a series of playable sound--picture-postcards 51-67 of the publishing house DER KONTERFEI 2019. In collaboration with the vinylograph and students from various universities the book series were extented with "One", a series of playable sound-picture postcards, where a question is addressed to a person and the answer becomes audible. Subject and theme of the project ONE were relevance and reduction of questions, the selection of the physical counterpart, as well as the carrier medium, in this case an audible sound picture postcard. Over a period of three months, students have each chosen a person of public interest and asked them a specific question. The recorded response was cut on a sound picture postcard at Vinylograph. The required player is a conventional turntable and the sound picture postcard can be sent regularly by mail. With audio contributions by Katharina Sophie Krump – BÉLA TARR, Laura Farmwald – ANNA WITT, Sedef Kucukandac – SARAH VANHEE, Jannik Rapp – CHRISTIAN FENNESZ, Kristin Wadlig – TOSHIKI OKADA, Alexander Garber – MARIANO PENSOTTI, Daniela Nutu – AZADE SHAHMIRI, Kimberly Wächter – PAUL PIZZERA, C. Deniz Tokluoglu – MARKUS ÖHRN, Felix Höhne, Noa Schaub – MONIRA AL QADIRI, Hannah Mucha – METTE EDVARDSEN, Katharina Lehr-Splawinski – ROMEO CASTELLUCCI, Marija Vrdoljak – MARINO FORMENTI, Nairi Summhammer – RÉNE POLLESCH, Noa Schaub – SIBYLLE BERG, Robert Jelinek - NATASCHA MUHIC, Natascha Muhic - ROBERT JELINEK. DER KONTERFEI 068 / ISBN 978-3-903043-58-9 / Release Date June 2019