MONIRA AL QADIRI - Noa Schaub, Felix Höhne (Eds.)

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MONIRA AL QADIRI - What made you want to be a man as a child and what would you tell this child, Monira, about it today? (3 Min.) - Noa Schaub, Felix Höhne (Eds.). One question - One answer. Audible on a sound picture card. ONE is a collaboration project of Der Konterfei, Vinylograph and students of various universities. What do we do all our lives? We try to make ourselves understood, ask questions, search for answers, we formulate. Subject and theme of the project ONE are relevance and reduction of questions, the selection of the physical counterpart, as well as the carrier medium, in this case an audible sound picture postcard. Over a period of three months, students have each chosen a person of public interest and asked them a specific question. The recorded response was cut on a sound picture postcard at Vinylograph. The required player is a conventional turntable and the sound picture postcard can be sent regularly by mail. DER KONTERFEI 059 / Limited Edition / ISBN 978-3-903043-49-7. Release Date: June, 2019