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MILAN PRCHAL - 60 years on the green wave - Robert Jelínek/Admir Mešić (Eds)

MILAN PRCHAL - 60 years on the green wave - Robert Jelínek/Admir Mešić (Eds)

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Milan Prchal is a pioneer of the first generation of Moldavite collectors, trailblazers and to this day a sought-after commentator, active expert and knowledgeable person. Prchal dedicated 60 years of his life to moldavite; he himself collected over 25,000 of these tektites and discovered many of the sites known today. He meticulously made hundreds of detailed entries, sketches, drawings and registrations about the localities, shape and color, texture and the environment. The conversation with Prchal is devoted to his personal experiences of the last six decades with and about the moldavite. Prchal's view of the current situation around the international Moldavite attention, as well as his outlook into the future of the longed-for green stone, give a highly exciting insight into the world of Moldavite on the basis of many unknown reports and details.


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You want this book? You can only exchange it: for a moldavite. What is the book worth to you? Make your own decision and send us your moldavite for it. No matter what shape, condition or location. For a moldavite under 4 gram of weight please ad 100 CZK (in Czech Republic), 15 € (Europe) or 25 USD (International) for postal charge for the book. Moldavite over 4 grams includes postal charge for the book.


MILAN PRCHAL - 60 years on the green wave - Robert Jelínek / Admir Mešić (Eds.). With colored illustrations and sketches. 70 pages. 2 versions: Czech, English. Depending on the version with different photos and sketches. The books were published as absolute collector's items in the strictly limited edition of only 300 pieces each! ISBN 978-3-903043-59-6, ISBN 978-3-903043-60-2, Der Konterfei 072/073, August 2021.


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