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Indo Visions Robert Jelinek Jogja Noise Bombing Chicken Church Der Konterfe

INDO VISIONS - Iswanti Suparma, Daniel Alamsjah and Jogja Noise Bombing – Robert

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In a life with stagnant water as an earth toilet and Smartphone in the hand are not only technologically, many awareness steps between. The fault of Indonesian underdevelopment is next to the colonial era, later military regime, now the happy consumption and ultimately the interests of large corporations, other states and imported religions. Iswanti Suparma was a feminist activist of student and women's movement of the 1980s and 1990s during the military regime of former Indonesian President Suharto and is now projected as Director of Mitra Imadei in Jakarta - an institution for humanitarian and social movements. Daniel Alamsjah had a divine vision that prompted him to build near the Borobudur temple on the highest hill in the jungle, a kind of prayer house in the form of a chicken. The completely secluded from the outside society system the so called »Chicken church« has been used as rehabilitation for disabled children, drug addicts and mentally ill.This giant prayer house becomes one of the world's top ten of the most bizarre andunconventional architectural structures and a popular tourist attraction in Java. The collective Jogja Noise Bombing sonicated mainly the streets of Yogyakarta with DIY synths and amplifiers. As in Indonesia, the Noise music that evolved from the protest and Punk movement of the 1990s, is now one of the flourishing scenes of Extreme and Independent Music throughout South East Asia.


DER KONTERFEI 025 / Paperback / English / 50 pages / € 9,90 / Limited edition of 300 copies / ISBN 978-3-903043-14-5 / Release Date: June 2016

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